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Shaun R. (Door installation) says: Great guy. Great work. Will definitely hire for the next project.

Judith L. (Wheelchair repair) says: When my elderly mother’s wheelchair broke, it was very difficult to move her around our home.  Handicap Accessibility repaired her wheelchair quickly and helped us get the repairs covered by my mother’s medical insurance! I would definitely recommend them in the future.

Frank S. (Exterior stair lift removal) says: I needed an old stair lift removed from the outside of a rental property I own. Handicap Accessibility came out right away, removed the lift quickly and for a great price!

Francis S. (Several home repairs) says: I own a rental property in Phila., but do not live locally. I hired Handicap Accessibility to complete several repairs another contractor left unfinished. They were able to work within my budget and scheduled the repairs right away! 

If you have had work done by our company, please contact us so we can post your story!